KDE’s New Releases Make a Splash

The new software from KDE’s recent 4.5 Release Day has been well received by the technical media with widespread positive reviews and recognition of the focus on quality for this set of releases.

Features and Stability

Ars Technica highlights new features of KDE’s Plasma workspaces with window tiling and improved notifications. The extensive article also welcomes Marble’s route planning and the increasing use of dynamic languages among KDE developers with Javascript Plasma Widgets and the addition of the Python coded Kajongg to the KDE Games family.

ZDNet recognizes the combination of new features and increased polish with improved notifications and the new Activity Manager. The piece leads with impressive bug fix and new feature statistics that demonstrate the high level of KDE activity.


UK tech website The Inquirer leads with the news of improved WebKit integration in the KDE Platform, a feature highlight also recognized by OS News.

The H describes performance improvements in the KDE Platform and also notes the improved workspace configuration in System Settings.

Techworld also highlights the integration of WebKit and increased stability in the latest releases. In addition, it has an in-depth interview with our very own Sebastian Kügler explaining the ongoing emphasis on innovation along with commitments to stability and quality.

The new KDE software releases even make it into the International Business Times, a leading mainstream provider of international business news. The article presents improvements to and new features of the Plasma workspaces.

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