Debian Squeeze live Alpha 2 image — I like it

I love the fact that I can sort of follow along as Debian Squeeze makes its way from Testing to Stable with the excellent images from the Debian Live project.

As I’ve written somewhat recently, one of the great things about the Debian Live images for Squeeze is that there’s one for PowerPC. Too bad I’ve already dumped my Apple G4 …

For i386, I was impressed with the Alpha 1 system, and today I just burned and tried the Debian Live Alpha 2 image for i386 on the Lenovo G555 laptop.

The vanilla GNOME looks great. I can confirm that the way Debian configures the fonts is exactly the way I like them. Under System – Appearance – Fonts:

Rendering: Best Shapes

Then under Details:

Resolution: 96 dots per inch
Smoothing: Greyscale
Hinting: Medium
Subpixel order: RGB

This makes the way fonts look exactly how I like them to look in such GNOME applications as Gedit and the GNOME Terminal.

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