Fedora 13 Xfce update

Fedora 13 has been working out very well over the past couple of weeks. Let me bullet-point the good and bad:

* As I wrote a few days ago, the Midori browser is working again. I’ve been amazed over the few weeks I’ve run Fedora that even though the release of the distro is already out there, some bugs have actually been fixed in applications. Another app that improved during the course of my use of F13 is the gPodder podcast client, which had an issue with selecting the type of audio player in its UI. That’s been fixed, and I’m using gPodder pretty regularly.

* The gThumb image editor’s IPTC-data capabilities are pretty much broken in version 2.11 (with Ubuntu’s decision to revert to 2.10 in Lucid, initially criticized by me, looking now like an excellent move and huge point in Ubuntu’s favor). I couldn’t figure out how to install 2.10 in Fedora 13 (I’m not that good yet), so to keep my workflow going, I decided to install IrfanView under Wine. I initially tried ot use Bordeaux with the .sh script, but once it installed the Bordeaux front-end refused to install IrfanView.

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