Zenwalk Live 6.4 is ready!

Zenwalk Live 6.4 is ready!

I am happy to announce Zenwalk Live 6.4, which will allow more people to discover the fastness and simplicity of Zenwalk
without having to install it first.

It’s consisting of standard Zenwalk ISO packages following the main
Zenwalk release with same set of applications, latest XFCE desktop, and so

Additional stuff besides the standard package selection are:

– Livekernel with aufs and squashfs3.4 inc. lzma compression

– Scripts and tools that are needed for creating and running the
live environment

– ash

– a few localizations for icecat/icedove

– the sazanami-fonts and uim + anthy as input method to support japanese language display/input

– a unique custom theme for bootsplash and GDM

Zenwalk Live is one of the first live distribution using the brand new
Slackware-Live-Scripts on which Zenwalk Live releases will be based from
now on.

While with the Slackware-Live-Scripts it’s not necessary to patch the kernel, Zenwalk Live 6.4 comes with a kernel patched for aufs2 and squasfs+lzma support for faster performance and better compression.
The Live-CD modules are fully compatible with both Slackware-live-Scripts AND Linux-Live-Scripts, so it’s kind of a “hybrid” solution, using the new SLS framework with LLS compatible lzm modules.

This release features a basic install script allowing to install the running
Live-session inc. all changes to the hard disc drive.

For those who prefer Zenwalk Live on USB stick, the Slackware-Live-Scripts
provides an option to “remaster” the live environment putting it to an
ext2 preformatted USB stick.

This version contains all patches from current until release data to provide most relyable and stable system operation.

Supported boot parameters for ZenLive 6.4 are:

runlevel=x (to boot into Runlevel x instead of standard RL4 with Xorg)

include=nvidia-new-driver.lzm (to load optional nvidia-driver module)

exclude=module.lzm (to exclude a non optional module from beeing loaded)

copy2ram=yes (to copy live-environment into the RAM and running completely
from RAM)

locale=xx.UTF-8 (to use this language)

keymap=xx (to use this keyboard layout)

Have fun.


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