Zentyal 2.0-rc2 released!

Hi Zentyal users,

The development team of Zentyal (formerly eBox Platform), the Linux
small business server, is glad to announce the availability of a new
2.0-rc2 installer. This is going to be the last release candidate before
the final 2.0 version.

There is an important change in the way you log into Zentyal on this new
version: the installer doesn’t ask you anymore for a password for the
administration interface, now you can log in with the username and
password asked before (the same you use to get root console).

A relevant addition has been also added: the first beta version of the
new official Groupware module based on Zarafa [0]. Give it a try and
give us feedback!

Of course it also includes bugfixing, specially in LDAP and Traffic Shaping.

As we are approaching the release date (September 1st), your help in
testing this release candidate and giving feedback is more important
than ever. So, it’s testing time! Any feedback [1] and bug reports [2]
are really welcome!

You can download the new installer, as usual, from our Downloads page
[3]. If you already have installed a Zentyal 2.0-rc1 or eBox 1.5 you can
also upgrade your packages to the latest versions available.

[0] http://zarafa.com
[1] http://forum.ebox-platform.com
[2] http://trac.ebox-platform.com/newticket
[3] http://trac.ebox-platform.com/wiki/Download

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – eBox Product Manager

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