HEADS UP: FreeBSD 6.4 and 8.0 EoLs coming soon

Hello Everyone,

On November 30th, FreeBSD 6.4 and FreeBSD 8.0 will have reached their
End of Life and will no longer be supported by the FreeBSD Security Team.
Since FreeBSD 6.4 is the last remaining supported release from the FreeBSD
6.x stable branch, support for the FreeBSD 6.x stable branch will also
cease at the same point. Users of either of these FreeBSD releases are
strongly encouraged to upgrade to either FreeBSD 7.3 or FreeBSD 8.1 before
that date.

The FreeBSD Ports Management Team wishes to remind users that November 30
is also the end of support for the Ports Collection for both FreeBSD 6.4
RELEASE and the FreeBSD 6.x STABLE branch. Neither the infrastructure nor
individual ports are guaranteed to work on these FreeBSD versions after
that date. A CVS tag will be created for users who cannot upgrade for some
reason, at which time these users are advised to stop tracking the latest
ports CVS repository and use the RELEASE_6_EOL tag instead.

The current supported branches and expected EoL dates are:

| Branch | Release | Type | Release date | Estimated EoL |
|RELENG_6 |n/a |n/a |n/a |November 30, 2010|
|RELENG_6_4 |6.4-RELEASE |Extended|November 18, 2008|November 30, 2010|
|RELENG_7 |n/a |n/a |n/a |last release + 2y|
|RELENG_7_1 |7.1-RELEASE |Extended|January 4, 2009 |January 31, 2011 |
|RELENG_7_3 |7.3-RELEASE |Extended|March 23, 2010 |March 31, 2012 |
|RELENG_8 |n/a |n/a |n/a |last release + 2y|
|RELENG_8_0 |8.0-RELEASE |Normal |November 25, 2009|November 30, 2010|
|RELENG_8_1 |8.1-RELEASE |Extended|July 23, 2010 |July 31, 2012 |

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Colin Percival
Security Officer, FreeBSD | freebsd.org | The power to serve
Founder / author, Tarsnap | tarsnap.com | Online backups for the truly paranoid

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