Help Test the Next Generation of KDE’s Kontact

The KDE PIM team has made available a beta version of the next-generation groupware client suite Kontact. The new Kontact is built on the Akonadi framework, sharing infrastructure for syncing with online services across applications. While the first bits of Akonadi integration already made their entry in KAddressBook as delivered with 4.4, this beta includes Akonadi versions of most of the other Kontact components, including email using the new KMail2.

As the Akonadi-based Kontact marks a major step in the evolution of KDE’s groupware apps, the KDE PIM developers decided to apply a feature-based release schedule to this port. It will be released when it’s ready, which is realistically still this year. In order to achieve this, we rely heavily on community feedback, so please give this beta a run and get back to us with your feedback, preferably in the form of bug reports on

KDE PIM Beta3 is not suitable for production use. For those who rely on stable groupware applications, the right choice is the KDE PIM we have delivered with KDE Applications 4.4 (latest version is 4.4.5). This version remains fully supported and the recommended choice for everyone but testers and those interested in the next-gen Kontact.

For more detailed information about this beta version, for Akonadi in general and for migration scenarios to and from Kontact-based Akonadi, please refer to this blogentry, or the Akonadi Project page.

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