SCO Puts Out a Press Release About Selling UNIX Assets

SCO is announcing to the world that its UNIX assets are for sale. Here’s the press release on PR Newswire. It describes itself as “a leading provider of UNIX software technology.” It says it is selling “substantially all” of its UNIX business, “including certain UNIX system V software products and related services”. Hmm. SysV what?

“Our goal is to ensure continued viability for SCO, its customers, employees and the UNIX technology,” said Nielsen.

As you have witnessed in the past decade as SCO has sued one customer after another, ensuring continued customer viability has always been at the top of SCO’s bucket list and close to its noble heart. My question is, might the timing of all this be connected with the rumored sale of Novell? Not to be cynical, but with SCO, I always assume there will be vultures.

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