A Quick Look at OpenIndiana

OpenSolaris is dead, but OpenIndiana lives on. Just a few weeks after Oracle made it clear that OpenSolaris was dead as a doornail, the Illumos and OpenIndiana folks have a distribution ready for the OpenSolaris community that’s been left in a lurch by Oracle.

The code dropped on Tuesday, so I haven’t had a lot of time to muck with OpenIndiana yet. I spent a few hours with the live CD and installed it into VMware.

First Impressions

Assuming you go the GUI route, the OpenIndiana distribution is GNOME-based and installs very easily. The installer reminds me of the Ubuntu install, and has roughly the same number of steps. If you’ve installed Linux, and the hardware is compatible with OpenIndiana, you’ll have no problems getting OpenIndiana installed and ready to rumble.

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