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Mandriva’s mission

Mandriva is the pan European and BRIC Linux distribution for all: enterprises and individuals, beginners or most advanced users.


Mandriva recovered from a difficult situation. The recovery was done through restructuring the debts, a simplification of the organization, a new investor and a new strategic focus. Mandriva wants :

  • to empower, as much as possible, its community,
  • to aggressively innovate on the desktop,
  • to create a specific education activity and distribution,
  • and finally to improve its server distribution and products.


The Mandriva Community will be autonomous and governance structures will be created to ensure freedom. The Mandriva enterprise is just an element of this independent community.

A community manager will be hired by Mandriva to help the community to implement these plans.

The next version of the Mandriva community distribution will be available in spring 2011.

The community version of the Mandriva distribution is the one on which the Powerpack distribution, the Corporate Desktop distribution and the Mandriva Enterprise Server distribution are based upon.

From a desktop point of view, Mandriva intends to be the BEST KDE DISTRIBUTION IN THE WORLD : easy to use, stable, rich featured and with excellent localization.

Even if the community distribution will be KDE focused, we will encourage the community to build Gnome, LXDE, XFCE, E17, … versions as value options. The infrastructure to help the community to do that will be put in place.

Education distribution

A specialized version of Mandriva will be available in the coming months. It will allow to setup linux computers in a classroom within minutes with classroom control and class sharing possibilities. The configuration of the class computers will be extremely simplified.

Powerpack & Corporate desktop

Powerpack will come as usual with proprietary software and drivers with 18 months support and Corporate desktop will come with long term support (3 years). Next Powerpack and Corporate desktop version will come shortly after the community version.


MES will be improved in order to continue to offer the simplest installation and management for system administrators for proprietary and open source software.

The best open source heterogeneous software and hardware management, Mandriva Pulse 2, will continue to evolve.

Mandriva plans to improve scalability features for all server products.

Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) will include a better Active Directory integration and an independent GPO framework.

New products


Mandriva focuses on new version of distribution for different types of tablets with Intel & ARM platforms. We support MeeGo and work for new interface based on KDE Mobile and Qt.


Currently Mandriva works on its cloud strategy internally and have a plan to begin community discussions shortly.


The on-line Mandriva Store will be simplified and improved.

Various on-line services will be integrated in the desktop versions.


At this time Mandriva has 27 developpers spread between Brasil, France and Russia, as well as 4 subcontractors working on a monthly basis, and countless community contributors from all over the world that we will never thank enough.

Mandriva hires :

  • In Brazil 7 developers (and up to 20 in the next year)
  • In France 5 developers
  • In Russia, Mandriva has plans to extremely extend R&D and setup up to 15 people for testing & QA
  • Mandriva is looking for subcontractors.
  • Individual interested can contact

About rumours

  • Mandriva is alive and will always be alive for its stakeholders (community, employees. Customers, suppliers etc).
  • We don’t change from RPM to DEB.
  • We don’t change Cooker, Cooker accounts and anything for working on distro.
  • Mandriva will have the pleasure to work with all kind of technical employees and it should not belong to few technical groups. Mandriva should be answerable to all its stakeholders (community, users, employees, customers, suppliers, etc….)

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