Choosing and Using Free Licenses for Software, Hardware, and Aesthetic works

What is this “Free Culture” thing? What is “Free Software”? And how do I get my work out there? If you’re looking to participate in the “Commons”, you’ll need to get comfortable with the idea of free, public licenses and how to use them for your works. This won’t be hard at all, especially with this short guide, but there are different traditions that have sprung up around different kinds of works.
Choosing a License

First of course, you’ll need to decide what sort of license will fit both your project and your intentions for how you want to release it.

This used to be more complex, because there were so many competing options, but it’s gotten much simpler because a few free-licenses have become extremely dominant, leaving most of the rest as historical footnotes. I’ll present this as a flow chart and as a series of questions to answer about your project in case you’re uncomfortable with reading flow charts.

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