PrestaShop v.1.3.2 is now available!

The PrestaShop Team is pleased to announce the publication of PrestaShop v.1.3.2, a new version of our e-commerce software.

This new version is even richer and contains many improvements and optimizations worked since the v.1.3.1. of PrestaShop, on some key points of the solution, such as management of rounding, catalog, and SEO .

Among the improvements realized, we can mention:

– Optimized the PayPal and Hipay modules, integrated in standard into PrestaShop
– Improved URL rewriting for a good SEO
– Better inventory management, product cancellations and related shipping fees
– New version of the Moneybookers module
– Retro compatibility with v.1.2 themes
– Optimization of the cross-selling module
– Better management of coupons, downloadable products
– Management of rounding improved, especially when using discounts and the PayPal module
– Reviewed the Back-office search engine performance for a greater speed
– Improving the process of authentication in the back-office for servers using a proxy, compatible with most servers’ architectures
– Improved statistics reporting

The complete list of improvements is available in the CHANGELOG.
We advise users to update their stores to take advantage of our latest enhancements.
Thank you to all our contributors!

Download PrestaShop v.1.3.2

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