Thomas Fischer on KBibTeX, the KDE Reference Manager

While they are not busy doing (crazy) research, most scientists do a lot of technical writing: papers, presentations, posters, reports. Such writing is usually accompanied by large number of references; managing them by hand can be tedious and long. That is why scientists use bibliography managers. In the FOSS world, a popular choice is BibTeX, a complement to the LaTeX typesetting system. Along with BibTeX, front-ends are used to simplify addition, modification and removal of bibliography.

One of the best known KDE BibTeX frontends is KBibTeX, developed by Thomas Fischer. KBibTeX sports many interesting features, including handy integration with Kile, an integrated editor for LaTeX built on the KDE Platform. KBibTeX is built on KDE 3.5; a port to KDE Platform 4 is in progress.


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