Zentyal Desktop 0.1 published (first alpha version)

Hi Zentyal users,

As we have already mentioned, we’ve been working on Zentyal Desktop and
we’re now glad to announce the availability of the first alpha version!

Zentyal Desktop is an Ubuntu package intended to be installed on the
desktop clients (workstations) of a network managed by Zentyal Server.
It offers authentication against Zentyal LDAP and auto-configuration of
desktop clients for the services provided by Zentyal.

Please note that this is still alpha software (it’s the first version
indeed), so it’s not intended for production environments. There are
some known issues with the software auto-configuration, but the
authentication against the Zentyal Server LDAP should work. As many of
the community members have been very interested in testing the Zentyal
Desktop, we’ve decide to release this version.

This version is compatible with Zentyal Server 2.0 for Ubuntu 10.04 and
10.10 clients. We also plan to release a new version, compatible with
Windows XP and 7 clients very soon.

Your help in testing it, giving us feedback, or even sending patches
fixing stuff Wink would be really really appreciated. Here you can find
all the information about installing and configuring Zentyal Desktop:


Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager

The Linux small business server

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