Firefox 3.6.12 and 3.5.15 security updates now available

Firefox 3.6.12 and Firefox 3.5.15 are now available as free downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We strongly recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to these latest releases to stay secure. If you already have Firefox, you will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours. These updates can also be applied manually by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu, or by downloading from:

* Firefox 3.6.12:
* Firefox 3.5.15:

These releases fix a critical security issue that could potentially allow remote code execution. We have received reports from several security research firms that exploit code leveraging this vulnerability has been detected in the wild. Thanks to Mozilla’s industry-leading open security process the fix has been created, tested, and released to users within 48 hours of first notification about the vulnerability.

For more information, please review the Firefox release notes:

* Firefox 3.6.12 release notes:
* Firefox 3.5.15 release notes:

Note: All Firefox 3 and 3.5 users should upgrade to Firefox 3.6 by downloading it from or by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu and clicking on “Get the New Version”, then checking for updates again once Firefox 3.6 is installed.

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