ZaReason CEO Keynotes at FOSDEM

Cathy Malmrose, the CEO of independent Linux vendor ZaReason, Inc., is a keynote speaker at the upcoming FOSDEM conference in Brussels on Feb. 5-6, 2011. FOSDEM bills itself as “the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community.”

Cathy sent us a note about her talk:

Cathy Malmrose, CEO of ZaReason, Inc. a hardware company similar to Dell, would like to share her company’s methods and strategies. Cathy recognizes that it is the computer company’s responsibility to showcase the power and strength of the many different distributions available today.

As we all know, getting a computer to work well requires both quality software and quality hardware. When the computer vendor builds hardware that does not work well with Ubuntu (or other distros) the average customer can not tell the difference between a hardware issue and a software issue. It is likely that the customer will think that Ubuntu (or other distro) is bad, when in reality, the hardware company has not worked hard enough to find the hardware that “just works”.

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