Fuduntu Is A Fedora 14 Remix For Netbooks And Laptops

We’ve covered Ubuntu-based remasters which add a lot of tweaks, default applications and eye-candy. Today, I’ve tested something different: Fuduntu.

Fuduntu is a Fedora 14 remix (remaster) designed especially for Asus Eee (but you can of course use it on other netbooks and any laptop/desktop computer) and comes with some interesting performance tweaks by default. It was created by Fewt, the Jupiter (an hardware and power management applet for netbooks and Laptops) developer.

Among the tweaks you’ll find in Fuduntu are:

* Enabling OOo quickstart
* Moving /tmp and /var/log to RAM disk – read more about this.
* Setting swappiness to 10
* Adding Jupiter for power savings
* and others

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