Pidgin 2.7.6 fixes MSN connection issues

The Pidgin development team has issued version 2.7.6 of its open source instant messenger application. According to the developers, this maintenance release includes a variety of bug fixes and updates, including some that address an issue that prevented the IM client from connecting to Microsoft’s MSN network.

Pidgin 2.7.6 features the addition of support for version 16 of the Microsoft Notification Protocol (MSNp16) with multiple login support, also known as “Multiple Points of Presence” (MPOP), and, as developer John Bailey notes, the project has also “started distributing a couple of new certificates needed to solve the latest MSN certificate disaster” that prevented users from connecting to the service. Other changes include fixes for AIM and ICQ, as well as XMPP and Windows-specific updates related to themes.

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