KDE Part of Google Code-in

This year, KDE is delighted to have been chosen to take part in Google Code-in. Following the success of Google Summer of Code in previous years, Google Code-in is a new program to encourage pre-university students to contribute to free software communities. Like other participating organizations, KDE has provided a list of tasks that can be completed in short timeframes ranging from a few hours to a few days, whether they be simple bug fixes, documentation tasks or outreach projects and more.

KDE has contributed a list of projects, each with a dedicated mentor from KDE to guide the student through the process and judge whether the task is completed satisfactorily. KDE’s Google Code-in coordinator, Lydia Pintscher, explained why KDE wanted to take part: “We are always excited to be able to introduce new people to a great Free Software community working on changing the world one step at a time. We’re offered an excellent program with Google Code-in to help students make their first contributions early in their life hopefully opening a lot of opportunities for their future.”

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