gets major system upgrades

Earlier this month, the infrastructure received several major system upgrades in the form of new servers for Mirrors1 and Mirrors2 of, as well as an upgraded master back end machine and a second dynamic web infrastructure box. According to a post on the Google Open Source Blog, Chief administrator John “Warthog9” Hawley says that the upgrade was nearly a year in the making and will perform much of the site’s heavy lifting.

Hosted in the United States, two of the four new machines fully replace the previous machines, which were in service for five years, and feature dual Intel Xeon Processors, 144 GB of RAM and sixty six 300GB 10K RPM Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives, while the other two include dual X5550 Intel Xeon Processors, 32 GB of RAM, and up to eight 300 GB 10K RPM and twelve 300 GB 15K RPM SAS drives. The machines were donated by Google with “generous discount from HP”. In total the infrastructure uses 12 servers worldwide.

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