Five reasons to be grumpy about 2010

Maybe it’s the post-holiday letdown, but looking back on 2010 I’m not sure the open source community has that much to be grateful for this year. Not only have we missed another year for the Linux desktop, but there’s been plenty to gripe about in 2010.

Last week, at least for those of us in the United States, was time to give thanks. And while I have plenty to give thanks about personally, I can’t say the same thing when it comes to FOSS developments. Looking back on 2010, it’s been kind of a crappy year.

Number five: Novell sold to Attachmate

After months of speculation, we finally found out who the buyer would be for Novell: Attachmate.

I was cheering for VMware to pick up Novell, or any player that would invest heavily in SUSE and the openSUSE Project. The good news is, it looks like Attachmate is going to pursue business as usual with SUSE and openSUSE. The bad news? More than 800 patents are going to the consortium put together by Microsoft for a whopping $450 million.

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