SME Server: Simple. Mature. Enterprise.

SME is not a three-letter acronym (TLA) for Simple Mature Enterprise but it could be. SME actually is a TLA for Small and Medium Enterprises. SME Server is a pre-configured, CentOS-based and free (GPLv2) enterprise-ready server. The web interface is complete and intuitive. The SME Server project offers a free alternative to expensive proprietary software. Is there a downside to SME Server? Yes, there is. You don’t have it yet.

SME Server (SME) is a working tool. It’s the Proxmox in the ready-to-serve market. It has everything but virtualization installed. You can run SME as a KVM virtual machine (VM) if you’d like to try before you commit or, if you have the computing resources in your virtualization infrastructure, you can keep it virtual.

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