Ubuntu Indicators in openSUSE?

Ubuntu takes a lot of punches from time to time for its marketing and even its interface. Some feel Ubuntu is dumbed down and oversimplified, while many others think it’s innovative and user-friendly. Where ever you fall in the debate, one developer thinks some elements of Ubuntu should land into openSUSE. In fact, he has packaged up and pushed them to openSUSE:Contrib.

Nelson Marques, Fedora and openSUSE contributor, thinks Ubuntu indicators are the bee’s knees. Actually, since Ubuntu is the dominant distribution in his corner of the world he thinks using some of its more familiar elements might help users migrate to openSUSE. He said, “We don’t want to make of openSUSE a ‘clone’ of Ubuntu, instead we want to make the openSUSE experience more close to what people already use.”

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