The feature of the week: Memcached implementation

In its 1.4 version, Prestashop implemented Memcached to increase the speed of your WebPages response. Memcached complements your MySQL database and saves the results of SQL requests to allow the server to be less crowded and more efficient.

To avoid the MySQL database to slow down, when a request has already been done, this one will pass through Memcached. If this does not change in appearance for the merchant or the customer, performances will be much better than the previous versions; everybody will feel it!

You can define the parameters the of the Memcached implementation and make all the settings from the PrestaShop Back Office.

First, choose the sub-category “Performance” in the “Preferences” tab. You can carry out settings from this page finding Memcached at the bottom of the webpage.

Memcached settings can be executed in the ‘cache’ part of the website. First tick the √ symbol for using the cache. Then, choose Memcached in the list box.

To add or set up the Memcached server, click on “add servers” and fill the form with your informations (Ip address, port, weight) then click on “add servers”

Your parameters are recorded and ready to use. A summury of your settings follows the set up of your ‘Cache’ part.

Be ready to use Memcached and feel happy to offer your customers a faster and more efficient e-shop!
Download PrestaShop v.1.4 Alpha

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