Freedom to compete: Fixing software procurement

On Tuesday December 7, we issued a press release about a contract awarded by the European Commission, under which the EC and other European institutions will spend up to 189 million Euro on proprietary software and related services. We are of the view that in issuing this contract, the EC has once more failed to live up to its own guidelines and recommendations about the use of Free Software and Open Standards, and has missed an opportunity to open up software procurement to competition from Free Software companies.

The contract in question, called SACHA II, is the responsibility of the EC’s Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT for short). A few days after our press release, we received a written reply from Mr Francisco García Moran, the head of DIGIT.

We would like to thank Mr García Moran for replying to our concerns in detail. He requested that we publish his reply, which we are glad to do. Here is the original letter we received.

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