The Attachmate acquisition – your SUSE and openSUSE community questions answered

openSUSE Community Manager, Jos Poortvliet, recently interviewed Jeff Hawn, the Chairman and CEO of Attachmate Corporation about Attachmate’s intentions towards SUSE and openSUSE after the acquisition from Novell. Though Hawn’s plans should put a few minds at ease, there’s still quite a few unknowns to contend with, including the future of the openSUSE Conference…

Here are a few of the more poignant questions from an openSUSE community standpoint, but make sure you read this excellent interview in its entirety on the openSUSE community news pages here…

What is Attachmate’s history with open source projects?
Attachmate does not have a corporate track record in the open source business. However, we recognize the importance of open source technology, particularly Linux, and the growing value it brings to enterprises globally. We also recognize and value the openSUSE project, the contribution that the community makes to the SUSE business and most importantly, the many ways in which the community benefits SUSE customers.

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