KDE Releases 4.6 RC1

KDE Software Compilation 4.6 RC1 Released: Codename Chanukkah

KDE Community Ships First Release Candidate of the 4.6 Free Desktop,
Applications and Development Platform

December 23rd, 2010. Right before christmas, KDE has published the first
candidate for the upcoming release of KDE 4.6.0. The focus at this stage is on
fixing bugs and completing translations and artwork. As such, the rework of
the Oxygen icon set is nearing completion, many bugs reported by testers in
the past weeks have been fixed and stabilization is still in full swing.
KDE’s release team has decided to not include the new release of KDE-PIM,
containing the Kontact groupware client and the new KMail2 which is based on
the Akonadi groupware cache in this release due to open issue with migration
of large sets of data from the traditional client. These bugs are being worked
on as we speak, but the risk at this point is too high to include the new
Kontact in the 4.6.0 release. Therefore, it has been decided to release KMail2
and its companions together with one of the subsequent 4.6 releases, likely
4.6.1 one month later. A 3rd beta version of the kdepim module is available

As the other components of the frameworks, workspaces and applications are
nearing release date, KDE encourages testers to give their favorite software
some final thorough testing. The last chance for feedback will be the second
release candidate, planned for 5th January 2011. The final release of 4.6.0
will be available on January, 26th 2011.



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