OSS recommended picks for business users

Amid an enterprise environment that is now more receptive to utility computing and focused on service-based contracts, open source software adoption has grown over the past two years and entered the IT mainstream.

In an earlier ZDNet Asia report, Vuk Trikovic, senior analyst at Ovum, said the 2008 recession sent a call for change in the business landscape, in which the model of paying for support was winning mindshare over traditional licensing models. He added that the recession had raised the profile of cloud computing, which had a positive spillover effect on open source. “It’s clear that cloud computing and open source go well together, with [third parties providing cloud services that are powered by open source,” Trikovic noted.

ZDNet Asia spoke to three open source software vendors and developers to unveil their top open source enterprise software picks, which they would recommend to help boost business operations and growth.

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