22 ways to convert your friend to Linux

Are your friends convinced that they should be paying for their operating systems because Linux sounds too complicated or because they think it won’t do what they want it to?

Fear not, here’s your guide to brining your friends over to the light side…

1. First you need a non-geek friend

If your idea of getting out is a monthly trip to the local LUG, you need to cultivate some more mainstream friends before you can start to convert them. Getting a Fedora fan to use Ubuntu does not count.

2. Don’t evangelise

Pushing Linux like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, or that it’s at least 10 times better than Windows, will have one of two effects. It will either cause your friends to push back, making it harder to convince them; or they’ll agree to try it but have such high expectations that they’ll feel deceived the first time something doesn’t work as they expect. Be subtle – use Jedi mind tricks instead.

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