Drupal 7.0 RC 3 Released

We are proud to present to you the third (and likely final) release candidate of Drupal 7.0. Big news since last time!

  1. We’re back down to 0 critical issues again!
  2. We’ve announced a January 5 release date for Drupal 7!
  3. There are release parties being thrown worldwide on January 7. Please set one up in your town! (tips)

So. It’s officially GO time for final testing! Something to keep you busy over the holidays. 🙂

Since the last release candidate two weeks ago, we have fixed numerous bugs, improved the AJAX framework, field UI etc. Also alternate database systems have seen serious improvement thanks to http://ci.drupal.org/. PostgreSQL 9.0 now installs without errors, and we have 100% tests passing on SQLite! And files[] is no longer required in .info files for each file! Only if the file in question registers a class or interface. $cruft–;

For the full list of changes, see the release notes.

The first alpha announcement provided a comprehensive list of high level improvements made since Drupal 6.x, so in this announcement we’ll concentrate on how you can help ensure that Drupal 7 is released as soon as possible and is as rock solid as the previous Drupal releases that you’ve grown to love!

There are a number of modules already ported to Drupal 7 for your testing pleasure. You can keep tabs on whether or not your site is ready for Drupal 7 by using the Upgrade Status module. If you are a translator, now is the time to start working on your translations. If you are a module or theme maintainer, now is the time to start working on the update to Drupal 7! Read on for more details.

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