5 of the Best Free Linux Font Tools

In the days when Linux was a fledgling operating system, font handling was often identified as a major weakness. It was true that Linux then had problems with dealing with TrueType fonts, its font subsystem was prehistoric compared to its competitors, there was a dearth of decent fonts, difficulties in adding and configuring fonts made it almost impossible for beginners to improve matters for themselves, and jagged fonts with no anti-aliasing just added to a rather amateurish looking desktop.

Fortunately, the situation is considerably better these days, with a better quality of user interface typography. With the continuing improving FreeType font engine producing high quality output, natively supporting scalable font formats like TrueType, Linux is making great strides. The recent expiry of the patent behind Apple’s TrueType Bytecode Interpreter has meant that FreeType can now render beautiful fonts. Furthermore, the development of the Ubuntu font family, an open-type TrueType font, offers a further enhancement in screen readability.

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