7 of the Best Free Linux Password Managers

A password manager is a utility which helps users to store and retrieve passwords and other data. Most password managers use a local database to hold the encrypted password data.

In today’s society, people are faced with a bewildering amount of information to retain. Most people read a considerable amount of information online on a regular basis. Whether you conduct business online, read for your job, or just read for pleasure, the internet is a vast source of information. Retaining that information on a long-term basis can be difficult. However, some nuggets of information need to be recalled quickly. Passwords are one such example.

As a computer user, you will no doubt have numerous passwords to remember. Some sites put restrictions on the choice of the password. For example, a site may insist on a minimum number of characters, capital letters, numerals, and other characters which make choosing the same password for each site to be impossible. More importantly, there are good security reasons not to duplicate passwords. This inevitably means that individuals will simply have too many passwords to remember. One solution is to keep the passwords in written form. However, this is also highly insecure.

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