Samba 3.4.10 Available for Download

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Release Announcements

This is the latest stable release of Samba 3.4.

Major enhancements in Samba 3.4.10 include:

o Fix smbd coredump (bug #7617).
o Fix Winbind internal error (bug #7636).
o Fix flaky Winbind against w2k8 (bug #7881).

Changes since 3.4.9

o Michael Adam <>
* BUG 7507: init_sam_from_ldap stores group in sid2uid cache.

o Jeremy Allison <>
* BUG 7577: Fix SPNEGO auth when contacting Win7 system using Microsoft Live
Assistant.
* BUG 7590: Fix offline login in Winbind.
* BUG 7617: Fix smbd coredump.
* BUG 7636: Fix Winbind internal error.
* BUG 7892: Fix stale lock in open_file_fchmod().

o Andrew Bartlett <>
* BUG 7356: Fix ‘net ads dns register’ in Win 2008 R2 domains.

o Björn Baumbach <>
* BUG 7875: Fix ‘nmbd –port’.
* BUG 7880: Make ‘rpcclient deldriver’ delete drivers for all architectures.

o Günther Deschner <>
* BUG 7341: Fix Winbind over IPv6.
* BUG 7417: Fix ‘net rpc user password’ command.
* BUG 7418: Fix ‘net rpc printer list’ command.
* BUG 7500: Fix ‘not a string literal’ warning in netdomjoin-gui.
* BUG 7541: Fix smbd crash caused by “%D” in “printer admin” option.
* BUG 7568: Make sure cm_connect_lsa_tcp does not reset the secure channel.

o Olaf Flebbe <>
* BUG 7421: Fix build on AIX 6.1.

o Björn Jacke <>
* BUG 7821: Set Tru64 cc’s PIC switch right.

o Volker Lendecke <>
* BUG 7066: Fix “Your Password expires today” message for users from trusted
* BUG 7262: Fix EnumDomainAliases when no aliases are in LDAP.
* BUG 7336: Enable idmap_passdb module build as shared.
* BUG 7715: Stop using the write cache after an oplock break: Stop using the
write cache after an oplock break.
* BUG 7800: Make winbind recover from a signing error.
* BUG 7881: Fix flaky Winbind against w2k8.

o Jim McDonough <>
* BUG 7280: Fix loading of auto printers with registry config.

o Stefan Metzmacher <>
* BUG 7607: Fix buffer over-read in pidl generated client code.
* BUG 7896: Fix ‘net rpc user rename’.

o Andreas Schneider <>
* BUG 7423: Add EN ISO 216, A0 and A1 to builtin forms.
* BUG 7538: Backport fixes for GUID_from_data_blob.

o Andrew Tridgell <>
* BUG 7538: Backport fixes for GUID_from_data_blob.

Download Details

The uncompressed tarballs and patch files have been signed
using GnuPG (ID 6568B7EA). The source code can be downloaded

The release notes are available online at:

Binary packages will be made available on a volunteer basis from

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