MeeGo: stalling or stopping?

Despite the appearance of updated roadmaps from the MeeGo developers, the future of MeeGo is shrouded in doubt. Both the Handset and “Netbook UX” (User eXperience) versions of MeeGo seem to be in trouble, according to reports.

The Netbook UX version of MeeGo is on hold, according to Andrew Wafaa, developer of Smeegol, an openSUSE MeeGo variant. Wafaa notes in a blog posting that the release plans for MeeGo 1.2 mention no new features for the Netbook UX variant. In discussing MeeGo with people directly and indirectly involved with MeeGo at FOSDEM 2011, Wafaa repeatedly heard that the Notebook UX version was being put into maintenance mode. This was sufficient for Wafaa to announce the end of work on MeeGo for openSUSE; he will leave the repositories in place, but is moving on to other projects.

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