LibreOffice VS Openoffice

When a group of German coders at OpenOffice (belonging to database major, Oracle) finally forked away on Sept28th 2010 there was much for everybody to talk about while Oracle OpenOffice maintained dignified silence. The tussle between a David and Goliath has always been fascinating to watch and the breaking away and regeneration of the minnow LibreOffice against the giant OpenOffice has all the makings of a great epic!

Both LibreOffice and OpenOffice released their 3.3 versions in the last week of January 2011 and thus began the bout between LibreOffice Vs OpenOffice
Round I of LibreOffice Vs OpenOffice

First round went to LibreOffice as it marched away from the price hungry OpenOffice to create new beginnings for a price insensitive yet forceful, powerful and abundantly feature-rich free office suite. Thus was born the Document Foundation. Today the foundation is the official name under whose aegis the new generations of free open office suites will emerge.

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