Parted Magic 5.10

It seems like it’s been longer than a month, but it’s time for a new release. The most notable changes are the Linux 2.6.37 Kernel, GParted 0.8.0, and the move back to Firefox as the default web browser.

We updated some programs and here is the list: fsarchiver-0.6.12, gzip-1.4, hdparm-9.37, xz-5.0.1, conky-1.8.1, ntfs-3g-2011.1.15, linux-2.6.37, gdisk-0.6.14, hdt-0.4.1, ms-sys-2.2.1, nwipe-0.04, squashfs-4.1, libxml2-2.7.8, and gparted-0.8.0.

These programs have been added: reglookup-0.12.0, firefox-3.6.13, and ntp-4.2.6p3 (ntpd starts automatically at boot).

Some of the lesser changes were fixing the “shred” bug in the “Erase Disk” menu, the boot/isolinux directory has been removed (instead we use the boot/syslinux directory and the syslinux.cfg), and /root/.conkyrc has been moved to /etc/conky/conky.conf. Some other bugs were fixed as always.

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