First Zentyal 2.1 Beta available!

First Zentyal 2.1 Beta available!

Hi fellow Zentyal users,

We’re glad to announce the availability of the first packages and installer CD images for Zentyal 2.1! You can download the new installer for 32 and 64 bit architectures from our new Beta Downloads page ( You can also install the 2.1 packages on an existing Ubuntu Server 10.04 following the instructions at our Installation Guide [0].

Zentyal 2.1 is a development version based on Ubuntu 10.04.2 and it will become Zentyal 2.2 (next stable release) in September (2011). Until then we are going to frequently release new versions so you can help us testing the new features and improvements.

These are the most relevant changes included in this first version:

– Cleaning/refactoring in code and packaging
– New i18n system
– Use of Redis 2.0 to improve performance in the configuration backend
– Removed obsolete migrations to reduce installation time
– Some minor usability improvements (much more coming soon!)
– Zentyal rebranding on package names, URLs and filesystem
– Includes new OpenVPN 2.1.4 for Windows installer
– User corner is now a separated package (zentyal-usercorner)

You can also check the full changelog at:

Please remember that 2.1 is a beta version and it is not intended for production environments. Having said that, we would appreciate greatly your help in testing this version and making Zentyal 2.2 the best release ever!


Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager

The Linux small business server

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