Xvid 1.3.0 is available!


This is Xvid 1.3.0 release.

This is the Xvid 1.3.0 feature release. It is API compatible with the
previous 1.2.2 stable release.

Changes since 1.3.0-rc1:

* xvidcore
– Disabled late-promotion of S_VOP to N_VOP coding type
– Makefile fixes for macho64 target

* VFW frontend
– Minor GUI cosmetics
– Decoder support for lower-case FourCCs
– Fix for YV12 colorspace pass-through mode

* DShow/MFT frontend
– Decoder support for additional FourCC codes
– Slightly increased filter merit (for Windows 7)

Changes since 1.2.2:

* xvidcore
– Added PSNR-HVS-M quality-metric plugin
– Variance masking as new adaptive quantization option
– MT decoder deblocking filter
– Improved encoder multi-threading allowing more threads and better scaling
– Decoder threads API extension
– PSNR-HVS-M as optional D-metric for R-D optimizations
– Noexec-stack security patch also for x86_64 asm code
– Added new slice coding feature
– App-level encoder multi-threading support (xvid_encraw)
– Signalling of FourCC to decoder for better bug detection
– Changed semantics of frame_drop ratio API option
– Improved decoder robustness on resync markers in BVOPs

* VFW frontend
– Increased allowed max bitrate
– New ‘HD 1080’ preset
– Added new MPEG4 simple profile levels
– VHQ metric GUI option
– Independent slice coding widget
– Selectable adaptive quantization method
– Fix for handle leak problem
– Minor GUI cosmetics

* DShow/MFT frontend
– Tray icon to access filter properties
– Added MFT API support
– Shared cpu_flags/num_threads settings with VfW

The source files are available in the download section of Xvid.org:

— The “Xvid Team”

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