LibreOffice Suite Features Unique to Open Source Community

Lest anyone complain that the free-software world doesn’t offer enough choices, there are now two major open source office suites vying for the hearts and minds of choosy end users. But since both of these products — and LibreOffice — derive from the same codebase, what actually sets them apart? Here we take a look at a few features unique to LibreOffice.

Until last fall, office productivity was perhaps the one niche of the open-source ecosystem where there really wasn’t any competition: Sun’s OpenOffice, which has been around now for more than a decade, was the only game in town. Applications such as Abiword provided lighter alternatives, but for serious work, whether you used Windows, Linux or OS X, OpenOffice had no true open source competitor.

That all changed back in October 2010, when many key OpenOffice developers, unhappy with the perceived direction of the project in the wake of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, jumped ship and formed the Document Foundation, under whose auspices the OpenOffice code was forked into LibreOffice.

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