Try Mageia 1 Beta1 right now!

As has been stated in the Mageia roadmap, Mageia 1 Beta1 is now available for tests. The first Mageia stable release is planned for 1st of June (which is now quite near!). Our focus is always on improving distribution content but also lots of work was done on localisation support (locales, main applications, Asian locales). Core packages versions include: kernel, KDE 4.6.1, GNOME 2.32, Firefox 4.0, … More information is available in the release notes and web announcement.

For Beta1, the Mageia team has set up an easy page to help you download the ISO’s: have a look at the download page. Also note that torrents have been set up for Beta1, grab the relevant .torrent file from here. 2 Live CDs will be available on mirrors, on 7th of april the latest.

Update: as we have issues at the moment on live build, we will delay for some days live cds release. More information soon.

Once again we need your feedback to improve quality:


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