Promo Sprint 2011

The KDE Promo team has just wrapped up a busy weekend at their sprint in Southampton, England. The group set out with an aggressive agenda and accomplished many of their goals throughout the weekend.
Day 1

Some of the group arrived on Thursday evening, but it wasn’t fully assembled until Friday evening. However that didn’t stop us from diving straight into finalizing the agenda for the weekend. We also stumbled onto a sprint mascot for the weekend, the piglet squid, which was suggested by a local staff member on account of the university’s involvement with the SERPENT Project.
Once the agenda was settled, we spent some time brainstorming ways to promote Join the Game, our membership campaign which encourages individuals to support KDE financially. This has been attractive to people who do not have the spare time or necessary skills required for development or other direct contributor activities. Keep an eye on Planet KDE to stay in the loop and help out KDE as we announce and discuss these ideas with the wider developer community in the coming weeks.


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