LibreOffice clarifies version numbering

The LibreOffice developers at the Document Foundation have, for the last time, published an announcement on their main mailing list of a new beta version of LibreOffice. In future, beta releases and release candidates will only be announced on developer mailing lists and the announcements mailing list will only carry news of final and stable versions.

The announcement came with a clarification of which versions of LibreOffice are suitable for which audiences. The beta releases, as is traditional, are versions designed for testing by other developers, QA users and other interested parties in the community who want to seek out bugs in the software. But now, according to the clarified release process, the first releases of a “final” version, e.g. 3.4 or 3.4.0 will be aimed not at all users but specifically at “Innovators, early adopters and power users”; the typical use of this version is described as a “real life test” by the developers.

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