Fedora 15 Goes Gold, and That’s Not All

Several exciting announcements came out of the Fedora project today, the most exciting of which is that the Fedora Go / No-Go meeting resulted in a Go. In addition, the new Contributor Agreement was finalized and posted. A newish community project made its existence widely known as well.

After the Go / No-Go meeting yesterday an announcement went out to the Fedora Developer Announce mailing list that version 15 “is declared GOLD!” A Release Readiness meeting will take place Thursday to make sure the release is coordinated and that all teams are in agreement and ready for the release.

During the Go / No-Go meeting a few issues were discussed such as some upgrade issues. It was said that particular proposed blocker isn’t reproducible, which is a relief considering Adam Williamson’s comment that “we don’t require yum upgrades to work.” In any case, reviews for Fedora 15 will certainly be interesting, especially for those performing upgrades from Fedora 14 to 15.

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