Apple Is Winning On the Business Desktop: Is That Good for Open Source?

“There’s really no other way to say this: The Mac is kicking ass,” reports All Things Digital. What prompted these superlatives? March was the 20th consecutive quarter that Mac shipment growth exceeded PC shipments. According to data from IDC and cited by Needham and Company analyst Charles Wolf, Mac shipment shipment growth rose 27.7 percent in March, compared to a 1.2 percent decline in total PC shipments. Could Microsoft’s domination of the corporate PC market be slipping, and what would a major shift toward Apple’s systems mean for open source?

What’s really notable about Apple’s huge recent successes in the corporate market is that Apple still isn’t really trying to capture the corporate market. The company has never made it a business priority to become dominant on business desktops. And yet, the IDC data shows that Apple is getting the nod from businesses in every major globabl region that IDC tracks.

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