Calligra Announces First Snapshot Release

The Calligra project has announced the first snapshot release of the Calligra suite, five months after Calligra and KOffice split ways. During that time, the Calligra team has improved the core libraries and all the applications.

This is a technical preview, not recommended for production work. Inge Wallin, the marketing coordinator for Calligra, says, “We have worked very hard to improve the underlying engine, making it more versatile and improving stability. The time has come to improve the user interfaces. This is why we are releasing the snapshot now. We want feedback on the user experience as it improves in future snapshots.”

The snapshot contains the standard desktop user interface and two user interfaces for mobile environments: Calligra Mobile (previously known as FreOffice) and Calligra Active, a QML-based user interface for Plasma Active-like environments. It also contains two new applications compared to previous KOffice releases: Flow for diagram editing, and Brainstorm for taking notes.

More details can be found in the announcement on the Calligra homepage and the screenshot tour.

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