Fedora 15 Spins Custom Linux Distros

For some use cases, a one size fits all operating system doesn’t fit the bill. That’s where customized operating systems can come into play, with Linux being a key enabler.

As part of the upcoming Fedora 15 Linux release, there will be multiple ‘spins’ or customized variants of the general-purpose Linux operating system release, to meet specific needs and use-cases.

The custom spins will be available as Live Images that enable users to run the distro from a CD/DVD or USB key without the need to install to a hard drive. Fedora is a community Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat (NYSE:RHT). The customized Fedora 15 spins include security, gaming and desktop variants for KDE, LXDE and Xfce and is set for availability as the same time as Fedora 15 is generally available.

“Some of the spins have always been available but we’ve done a lot of work on the way that those spins get created,” Jared Smith, Fedora Project Leader told InternetNews.com. “Before, a lot of the spins were created in a manual run process, outside of our normal build system.”

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