4 money-saving, open source business intelligence suites

Business intelligence (BI) is one of those buzzphrases that sound super-cool, but are often misunderstood. What is business intelligence and should you care? Do you need to drop a giant bucket of money on BI?
Smart, bold decisions

There is little that is magical about making wise decisions for your business. The fabled steely-eyed rock-ribbed American businessman or businesswoman who stuns allies and competitors alike with daring and boldness doesn’t pull those daring decisions out of the air — the smart ones rely on data and analysis. Lots and lots of data and analysis. There are two general categories of business intelligence: competitive intelligence, and internal intelligence. Business intelligence doesn’t have a strict definition and could encompass both, but for the purposes of this discussion we’ll limit it to internal intelligence, because it is most important to have a thorough understanding of what’s happening in your own shop.

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