KDE 4.7 – A First Look At Beta 1

On the 25th of May 2011, KDE released the first beta of KDE SC 4.7. As an ardent KDE fan – so prepare for this article to be horribly biased – I’ve hunted down the openSUSE packages and installed it on a test machine. The test machine is a circa 2 year old Dell XPS M1330 laptop with 4GB of RAM and mobile NVIDA graphics running openSUSE 11.4.

In the last couple of major releases of the 4.x release of KDE SC, the changes have been largely incremental. In fact, it seems that Gnome and Ubuntu (separately but contemporaneously) have swapped places with KDE SC 4. Previously it was Gnome that was the steady plodder making minor incremental changes through the 2.x series, building stability and only adding minor features. However, with the recent releases of both Gnome Shell and the Unity desktop on Ubuntu, the Gnome/Ubuntu side of the desktop linux equation has made radical and controversial steps away from the well loved Gnome 2.x series, leaving KDE 4.x as the “steady as she goes” option.

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