Xvid 1.3.2 is available!


This is Xvid 1.3.2 release.

This is Xvid 1.3.2 bugfix release. It fixes and replaces the previous
1.3.1 stable release.

Changes since 1.3.1:

* xvidcore
– Updated implementation of IDCT/FDCT to match error spec of
MMX/SSE code
– Added “make info” to unix Makefile
– Removed debian directory from release tarballs
– Made multi-threading (pthread support) switchable at compile time

* VFW frontend
– Minor GUI changes

* DShow/MFT frontend
– GUI cosmetics
– Updated MSVC project files with seperate build configs for MFT-enabled

The source files are available in the download section of Xvid.org:

— The “Xvid Team”

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