Free Tools Can Radically Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Experience

In recent years, those of us who live with computers, smartphones and other connected devices have come to depend heavily on Wi-Fi connections. At the same time, most home Wi-Fi users do very little, if anything, to optimize their Wi-Fi setups and connections. Doing a little homework on how to optimize your Wi-Fi can create lots of efficiencies, and there are numerous open source and free applications to help you do so.

If you’ve had Wi-Fi set up at home for some time, it’s wise to do regular checkups to make sure you’re running what you should be running and that the topology of your setup makes sense. Are you still running 802.11g even though the devices you use are compatible with the more advanced 802.11n standard? That’s true for many people, and a simple upgrade to an 802.11n router can provide better Wi-Fi performance and far better roaming range. 802.11n routers are commodity items these days, and are very easy to set up.

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